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All portraits are done with professional quality colored pencils on Grafix drafting film with white paper backing. They also come placed in a white matte ready to be installed in a frame.  Shipping is an additional $15 for US portraits. For international shipping I will calculate that separately depending on where you are! I can do other sizes at request and can give you a quote. 

These sizes are based on the size of the paper. The portraits will be drawn at an appropriate size on the paper. The matte is the white border the portrait comes in. The matte makes it easy to frame once you get it home. A $50 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure a spot on my list and the remainder is due upon the portraits completion and you being happy with the final result of course. 

I can frame the drawing for you as well if you request it. Frames cost an additional $30 for Mini, Small and Medium portraits and $50 for Large or X Large. 


One animal in portrait

Mini - (5"x7") - $120 - Will be placed in 8"x10" matte

Small - (8"x10") - $200 - Will be placed in an 11"x14" matte (POPULAR)

Medium - (9"x12") - $280 - Will be placed in an 12"x 16" matte

Large - (11x14") - $360 - Will be placed in an 16"x 20" matte (POPULAR)

Multiple animals in one portrait. Only available in Large and X Large

2 pets in 1 portrait - Large - (11x14") - $460- Will be placed in a 16"x 20" matte

3 pets in 1 portrait - X Large - (16"x 20") - $560- Will be placed in a 20"x 24" matte

We can do more pets in one portrait, just let me know what you would like and we can customize it and I'll give you a quote! Quotes are all based on the length of time it takes me to complete it. 

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